Collection: Love Heart 100 Languages I Love You Necklace

 Do you wanna surprise the one you love..😍
your special mom,girlfriend, best friend?!?
This projective necklace used nano-micro engraving
technology to engrave "I Love You" in 100 different languages
into the love stone.

 Crystals from Swarovski.The Love Projection Pendant Necklace
is made of Real 925 Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Plated,
the Highest Quality.
A hidden message inside, find the words "I Love You"
written in 100 different languages!
Shining a light through the glass will also
project the hidden message, expressing love
and sincerity, give surprise to who you love.
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This necklace is perfect for wedding ,dance,party
engagement,when you wear it,you must be the most shining star.
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