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Natural Crystal Quartz Heart Shaped Gemstones

Natural Crystals Heart Shaped Stones are beautiful stones that can be used by meditation,to set your intention and a magical gift for every occasion. 

Choose between : natural sodalite, green aventurine, rock quartz, lapis lazuli, red jasper, amethyst, tiger eye, rose  quartz .


 Natural Rose Crystal Quartz Heart Gemstone Love 45x40x20 mm 

Rose quartz is often called the “Love Stone.” 
It’s energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra. 
This makes rose quartz a stone for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional.
Rose quartz is stone attracting self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional love.

It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.
Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love.

Clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues associated with holding on to such negative emotions.

Cleansing crystals before using them in rituals and healing activities is important to the integrity of the crystal and is necessary to remove negative energies from the stones.

Rose Quartz 
Love, gentleness, emotional healing.
Chakra: Heart
Zodiac Signs: Taurus,Libra 

Size: 45x40x20 mm
Weight :46-50 gr

Perfect Gift for family,friends,the one you love wrapped in a beautiful box !

Trust your intuition by making the perfect bottle choice for you .

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