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Stay Wild Moon Child Magical Glow in the Dark Moon Necklace

Manifeste your wild dreams by wearing this beautiful glowing moon necklace!Great gift ideas  for the one you love!

This luminous necklace is shining light  & magic!This glowing pendant necklace will make the wearer more charming and eye-catching at night.


The Glow in the Dark pendant Glows out light only after it absorbed enough light. So please make sure that you leave long enough Glow in the Dark Moon necklace under the light to absorb light before you enjoy their light in the dark. The longer it exposed, the stronger it Glows.

You can charge it as well during Full Moon with the powerful energy and light .   

Solar System Planets Stone Beads  Handmade Healing Unisex Bracelet 

Made of Natural stones that  represent the eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus; the Moon.

With the Solar System Universe Galaxy Bracelet you have the Universe in your hands !You are the Sun, so that all the planets are around you turn up!                            


*Shipping takes between 12-20 business days.

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